Sunday, September 12, 2010

Red Rock Relay

This weekend was the Red Rock Relay.... a 24hr 186 mile freakin crazy race from "snow" (Brian Head Ski Resort) to "sun" (Zions National Park). We had a blast.


Ryan said...

Wow, a new post. You guys look fast.

Maureen said...

uh yeah-finally a post!!! great job

JRC said...

Just a few thoughts. Yea for you for posting something after a year :) (You probably won't even read this comment for another 6 months) You need to change your family picture at the top because its over 2 years outdated...a little obvious when Ocean is missing. And I'm totally laughing that the lines on your leg has to wrap around cause your so skinny minny! If you do another one of these let me know. I'd like to do one, and I'm highly competitive:)